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Strengthening Market Share in Central Java, EdenFarm Opens ECF Brebes

By - EdenFarm |22 June, 2022
  • The ceremony of Eden Collection Faciltiy (ECF) Brebes Inauguration was attended by the Coordinator of Vegetables and Medicinal Plants, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Siti Wahyuningrum, and Expert Staff of the Minister for Inter-Agency Relations, Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, Drs. Samsul Widodo.
  • ECF Brebes has an area of 900m2 and functions as a post-harvest commodity center, especially shallots from local farmers, with 50 tons of supply on average per month.

Brebes (31/5) – To meet the ever-increasing market needs in Central Java, EdenFarm opened Eden Collection Facility (ECF) Brebes, Tuesday (31/5). ECF is an EdenFarm facility to optimize the supply chain and a platform for farmers to get guidance and training from EdenFarm to produce the best harvests. ECF Brebes has an area of 900m2 and 10 ton capacity, following other ECF including ECF Caringin, ECF Sumedang, ECF Cipanas, ECF Pangalengan and ECF Nganjuk. EdenFarm targets 25 ECF to operate until the end of 2022 in order to maintain the supply and demand stability and empower local farmers.

“Today we’re inaugurating ECF Brebes that will act as a post-harvest commodity center, where we gather and sort shallots from local farmers which then will be distributed to Eden Fulfillment Center in big cities and meet the demand from EdenFarm customers. We appreciate our partnering farmers that have collaborated and supplied harvests that meet the specifications, so we could keep providing what our B2B customers need. For that reason, the farmers can also enjoy the result, as EdenFarm commits to be an off-taker and supported by the farmers who commit to produce the best harvests, EdenFarm is able to increase the farmers’ income by 200% and therefore we can contribute in the rural economy,” explained Oki Harmawan, EdenFarm Chief of Supply & Purchasing Officer (CSPO).

Head of Department of Agriculture and Food Security Brebes Regency, Ir Yulia Hendrawati expressed her appreciation to EdenFarm’s mission to stabilize the market price. “In the future, we hope EdenFarm can be an off-taker for other commodities, because Brebes has various kinds of commodities such as green chilis, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, and coffee,” said Yulia. Department of Agriculture and Food Security Brebes Regency is also ready to coordinate and facilitate the farmers to increase their welfare.

Operating since 2017, EdenFarm has been serving over 50,000 customers from various B2B segments, including hotel, restaurant, cafe (horeca), SME, and wet market. The high market demand can be fulfilled thanks to the supply from 4,000 farmers and 400 suppliers that are partnering with EdenFarm. In Brebes, EdenFarm collaborates with 6 farmer groups, Tunas Harapan, Sumber Jaya, Luwung Mukti, Tani Mukti, Marga Dana, Karya Jaya and currently supplies 50 tons of shallots on average per month. “From now on, EdenFarm will keep partnering with more farmers and become an offtaker for chili and potato commodities in Brebes,” added Oki.

Supporting the empowerment of local farmers, EdenFarm distributes Farmers ID or EdenFarm partnering farmer membership card through Oki Harmawan in the inauguration of ECF Brebes. With Farmers ID, partnering farmers can access Farmer Apps, a farmer application with various features such as agricultural encyclopedias, consultation, price predictions, as well as supply and demand data to increase productivity. Other than that, Farmers ID automatically record the productivity of partnering farmers hence making it easy for farmers to get cultivation fundings as well as loyalty programs such as farmer’s children scholarship and umrah.

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