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Selasa Ceria: Enjoy Double Profit with Double EdenPoint!

By - EdenFarm |22 August, 2022

One of the many features you can get on the EdenFarm app is EdenPoint. Only users who have upgraded their personal account to business acount can enjoy the EdenPoint feature. You can collect EdenPoints every time you finish a minimum transaction of Rp10.000. These EdenPoints can be used as a discount on your total payment of up to 50% every day!

Double EdenPoint Promo

The more EdenPoints you collect, the higher profit you get. Moreover, you can get double EdenPoints this upcoming Tuesday, August 22 with Selasa Ceria promo. Excited to find out how? See the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions of Double EdenPoint Promo

  1. Minimum transaction of Rp10.000 applies excluding shipping fee and discount (if any).
  2. Promo is only valid for transaction on the EdenFarm app.
  3. Promo is only available for business account customer types (Wet Market, Traditional Culinary, Horeca and Rekan Eden).
  4. Promo may change or be stopped at any time without prior notice.
  5. If there is any fraud detected, the EdenPoints will be lost.

Don't miss this chance, download the EdenFarm app and register your business now to enjoy Double EdenPoint promo and other benefits!

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