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Ramavito Mountaino Recognised as one of The Best CFO at SWA Media's Best Indonesia CFO Awards 2022

By - EdenFarm |23 November, 2022
  • The breakthrough in boosting the company's revenue growth and profitability led Ramavito Mountaino, CFO and Co-Founder of EdenFarm, to become one of the Indonesia Best CFO Awards 2022.
  • EdenFarm has successfully raised USD21 million from local and global investors in the last two years.

Jakarta (17/11)–B2B food supply chain startup, EdenFarm has once again proven its charm of existence. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Co-Founder of EdenFarm, Ramavito Mountaino, has won the best CFO award from SWA Media, where EdenFarm is the only startup company from the list of winners of the Indonesia Best CFO Awards 2022. The awarding ceremony was held online with the theme "The New CFO Roles as Business Transformer and Growth Initiator" Thursday (17/11). SWA Media's Group Chief Editor, Kemal E. Gani in his opening speech extended his high appreciation towards the shortlisted CFOs.

"I must admit that the CFOs for the past two years have faced difficult and challenging times, including digital disruption and the Covid-19 pandemic," said Kemal. Kemal also said that in the future, the role and responsibilities would not get any easier, in fact, they would face more significant challenges, with economic conditions that tend to worsen and demands to run a sustainable business. "With more roles and responsibilities, the position of CFO becomes more strategic and becomes one of the main determinants in the progress of a company," he added.

Ramavito Mountaino, who is often called Vito, has won the Indonesia Best CFO Awards 2022 with the title "Very Good" and earned a score of 84.92%, calculated from 4 aspects of the assessment: The clarity of problem identification, strategies, and breakthroughs to achieve goals and applications, results and communication skills. As a CFO of EdenFarm, Vito has succeeded in boosting the company's revenue growth and profitability through several strategies, such as applying prices by adjusting the complexity of the supply chain in the area, prioritizing high-margin and customer-focused products, monitoring and aligning company metrics regularly, as well as restructuring the organization.

For the record, with these various strategies, EdenFarm has succeeded in closing the fundraising of USD21 million in the last two years. "In the last two years, we have managed to survive. We will always grow our revenue but also balance our healthy gross margin and profitability developments through technological innovation and continuous collaboration with farmers," said Vito. In addition to being responsible for the company's finances, Vito also ensures all the functions under his leadership, such as Accounting & Pricing, Tax, Internal Audit, Legal, People & Culture, are always ready to support business growth.

In his short speech at the awarding of The Best Indonesia CFO Awards 2022, Vito expressed his appreciation and gratitude. "As a part of a startup, it's an honor for me to receive this award, because we compete with the CFO champions who have far more experience than us. It is not easy for startups to face the last two years, but with hard work from the team, we can grow together. I hope that the existence of startups in this kind of award event can be a motivation for other startups to continue in developing and digitizing industries in Indonesia," concluded Vito.

About EdenFarm:
EdenFarm is a pioneer in B2B food supply chain startups in Indonesia, whose mission is to build an efficient food ecosystem for farmers and food and culinary business actors. Leveraging technology to empower local farmers and create a positive impact in rural areas, EdenFarm focuses on simplifying food supply chains and, at the same time, helping to improve farmers' welfare through accurate demand consistency and various trainings. Supported by global investors, EdenFarm now operates in 14 cities and three districts throughout Java and continues to expand the B2B market throughout the country. EdenFarm's user-friendly mobile app is available on the AppStore and Google Play Store.

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