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EdenFarm Offers More Than 2,000 Product Variations at the 2022 Indonesia Food Exhibition

By - EdenFarm |22 June, 2022

Surabaya (9/6) - EdenFarm, a food supply chain startup company, supports the movement of the economy, especially in the food & beverage (F&B) sector, by participating in the Indonesia Food Exhibition 2022, which took place for four days from 9-12 June 2022, at Grand City Convex, Surabaya. The exhibition was organized by Krista Exhibition and functioned as a space for providers of food and beverage products, raw materials, technology and services to support culinary businesses in Indonesia. As a food ingredient supplier that has served more than 50,000 culinary business customers, EdenFarm takes this opportunity to offer convenience for culinary businesses in providing quality food ingredients at good prices.

“More than 2,000 variations of the quality products we offer can be accessed easily through the EdenFarm application. This convenience is the plus value of EdenFarm for culinary businesses, where they can make efficiency in terms of time and cost. Customers also have the flexibility to choose the delivery time, starting from 2:00 to 17:00, so they can manage their respective business operating hours,” said Daniel Raharja, EdenFarm’s Head of East Java Region.

EdenFarm's establishment in East Java in June marked its one year anniversary. East Java has excellent potential with three strategic areas, in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Gresik, enabling EdenFarm to meet the demands of various B2B customer segments in the East Java culinary industry with top products such as eggs, garlic, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, tomatoes and peanuts. When EdenFarm first started operating in East Java, the food supply chain was supported by the EdenFarm Fulfillment Center (EFC) facility, which was located in the Gedangan Warehousing Area, Sidoarjo. With the growth of EdenFarm's business in East Java, currently EdenFarm has increased its fulfillment center from a capacity of 25 tons per day to 250 per day. In addition, last May, the Eden Collection Facility (ECF) Nganjuk began operating as a post-harvest commodity center to optimize supply chains, provide assistance to farmers, and continuously absorb production from local farmers' commodities.

In early 2022, EdenFarm collaborated with the Lumajang Regency Agriculture Office to help restore agricultural land affected by the Semeru eruption by donating agricultural tools and machinery (alsintan) and becoming an offtaker of farmer commodities in Candipuro and Pronojiwo Districts, Lumajang Regency. Since its establishment in 2017, EdenFarm has partnered with more than 4,000 farmers to fulfill the needs of the B2B market in Java. In the future, EdenFarm will continue to reach more market segments and provide greater opportunities for farmers to increase their income by providing certainty of demand. "Through the EdenFarm app, we bring our customers closer to farmers as direct producers of the food ingredients they need on a daily basis, to support a sustainable supply chain ecosystem," explained Daniel.

About EdenFarm: EdenFarm is a B2B food supply chain startup company with the fastest growth in Indonesia and has a mission to create the most efficient food ecosystem for farmers and culinary businesses. Currently, EdenFarm operates in 14 cities and 3 regencies and will keep expanding and penetrating the market throughout 2022. EdenFarm provides over 2,000 products through user-friendly app that can be downloaded on AppStore and Google Play Store.

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