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EdenFarm Facilitates Farmers with Training and Post-Harvest Commodity Center in Malang to Support Agricultural Production Acceleration

By - EdenFarm |08 September, 2022
  • The food supply chain startup that focuses on the B2B market, EdenFarm, launched the Eden Collection Facility (ECF) as a post-harvest commodity center in Malang.
  • The inauguration was attended by several stakeholders, including the Head of the Malang Regency Agriculture Office, Ir. Avicenna Medisica Saniputera MT. MH, Head of the Horticulture Division of the Malang Regency Agriculture Office, Heri Suntoro, S.P, and EdenFarm's Chief Supply Officer, Oki Harmawan.
  • EdenFarm regularly holds Eden Teman Tani, an activity in form of training for farmers to increase productivity and yields to strengthen the economy of farmers and rural communities in the future.

Malang (15/8)—EdenFarm, as a pioneer in B2B food supply chain startups, continues to support agricultural production acceleration in all of its operational areas to contribute the national food security. EdenFarm currently serves over 50,000 MSMEs in the food and culinary sector in Greater Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, and East Java, with support from over 4,000 farmer partners across Java.

This food supply chain ecosystem is strengthened by technology-supporting facilities that help producers and consumers to easily access their needs via mobile applications, as well as various supporting infrastructures, one of which is the Eden Collection Facility (ECF) which functions as a post-harvest commodity center where our farmer partners can bring their harvests to the nearest ECF to be sorted, and delivered to Eden Fulfillment Center (ECF) located in the urban area by the ECF team.

Monday (15/8), EdenFarm inaugurated the Eden Collection Facility (ECF) Malang, which is located in Tumpang District, Malang. The inauguration was attended by the Head of the Horticulture Division of the Malang Regency Agriculture Office, Heri Suntoro, S.P, Head of the Horticulture Division, Prov. East Java, Dr. Ir. Irita Rahayu, M. Ma, and EdenFarm's Chief Supply Officer, Oki Harmawan.

Chief Supply Officer EdenFarm, Oki Harmawan, in his remarks said, "With the operation of ECF Malang, we hope to continue to establish partnerships with more local farmers and regularly absorb agricultural cultivation products so that more farmers were helped, not only on marketing their crops, but also through various way of mentoring, consultations, and farming projects that we provide. ECF Malang aims to absorb crop yields from partner farmers of up to 20 tons per day by the end of 2022 in order to meet market demand in East Java, Central Java, and West Java. EdenFarm will also target Blitar and Boyolali for the next ECF."

Oki explained the payment term commitment that offered by EdenFarm is one of the main reasons for farmers to join as EdenFarm's partner. "We are committed to providing a transparent solution for weighing harvest receipts and payment certainty according to the agreement with a payment period of 2 to 3 days after the initial weighing," said Oki.

“It should be noted that Malang is an agricultural area that produces horticulture, with the largest commodity being potato products. We are grateful for the presence of EdenFarm in Malang because it helps absorb farmers' crops from the City and Regency of Malang. We hope that with EdenFarm's direct collaboration with Malang farmers will increase the income and welfare of local farmers so that farmers will no longer have trouble in marketing their crops,” Head of the Horticulture Division of the Malang Regency Agriculture Office, Heri Suntoro, S.P.

During the inauguration of ECF Malang, attendees were also invited for ECF tour to see the sorting process. After the ceremony, EdenFarm continued with Eden Teman Tani, a regularly carried out training for farmer partners in our ECFs with various topics based on the needs. Mega Alfianto, EdenFarm's Development Agronomist, provided weather mitigation training on pest and disease control for 15 EdenFarm farmer partners from Malang and its surroundings.

"Eden Teman Tani is one of EdenFarm's real actions in fostering and developing local farmers to increase their productivity and yields. Farmers' incomes can increase and have a positive impact on the rural economy by increasing productivity and yields and with EdenFarm's support in distributing these products to the right markets," Oki concluded.

About EdenFarm:
EdenFarm is an Indonesian pioneer of B2B food supply chain startups, whose mission is to build an efficient food ecosystem for both farmers and food and culinary business actors. EdenFarm focuses on simplifying food supply chains while also helping to improve farmers' welfare through accurate demand consistency and various pieces of training and leveraging technology to empower local farmers and make a positive impact in rural areas. EdenFarm, which is supported by global investors, now operates in 14 cities and 3 districts across Java and is expanding the B2B market throughout the country. The user-friendly EdenFarm's mobile app is available on the AppStore and Google Play Store.

Media Contact:
Tyara Putri
Corporate Communication Manager EdenFarm

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