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Representing EdenFarm, Ari Hendarmin Tambunan, ECF Manager of Temanggung led the discussion with local farmers to explore further partnership, Thursday (13/10)
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EdenFarm Collaborates with the Agriculture and Food Agency of Magelang in Exploring Partnerships with Local Farmers

By - EdenFarm |18 October, 2022

Magelang (13/10) –World Food Day, which falls on October 16, encourages EdenFarm to continue to take concrete actions in realizing food price stability, as the primary mission of this food supply chain startup that focuses on the B2B market, one of which is by strengthening the food supply chain network. From upstream to downstream and collaborating with local farmers to grow together.

Sharing the same sentiment, the Agriculture and Food Agency welcomed EdenFarm's presence in Magelang and facilitated the exploration of partnerships between EdenFarm and local farmers in the area. The partnership exploration took place at the Office of the Agency for Extension and Food Security (BPPKP) Magelang Regency, Thursday (13/10) and was attended by around 30 extension workers and farmers from various sub-districts in Magelang. "I hope this collaboration will be beneficial, especially for chili farmers, since Magelang is known as one of the largest chili producers in Indonesia," said the Head of the Food Crops and Horticulture Division of Magelang, Ade Srikuncoro Kusumaningtyas.

On this opportunity, Ari Hendarmin Tambunan, ECF Manager of Temanggung, explained several forms of partnerships offered by EdenFarm to farmers and the various advantages of being a farmer partner of EdenFarm . Through the Farming Project as an example, EdenFarm provides initial capital for land processing and agricultural production facilities, a commitment to absorb crop yields, a transparent profit-sharing system, and agricultural management and cultivation assistance. Meanwhile, through a sale-purchase partnership, EdenFarm provides certainty of the price and quantity of PO, payment no later than H+2 since the goods are received, and socialization of specs and assistance to ensure optimal harvest quality.

In Central Java, EdenFarm already has 2 Eden Collection Facilities (ECF) in Temanggung and Brebes and 1 Eden Fulfilment Center (EFC) in Semarang. EdenFarm has also established partnerships with more than 4,000 farmers, of which around 22% being local farmers in Central Java.

"Eden Collection Facility (ECF) is our flagship facility in creating a healthy food supply chain ecosystem. Aside from being a post-harvest commodity center where we become off-takers of farmers' crops, ECF also opens up job opportunities for the surrounding rural communities and empowers communities to increase their yields both in quantity and quality," said Tyara Putri, EdenFarm's Corporate Communication Manager. To strengthen the food supply chain in Central Java, Tyara also conveyed that EdenFarm will open a new ECF in Magelang in November. In addition, Eden Fulfillment Center (EFC) Semarang will also relocate to a facility with a larger capacity at the end of 2022 to support the fulfillment of demand in Central Java and its surroundings.

About EdenFarm: EdenFarm is a pioneer in B2B food supply chain startups in Indonesia, whose mission is to build an efficient food ecosystem for farmers and food and culinary business actors. Leveraging technology to empower local farmers and create a positive impact in rural areas, EdenFarm focuses on simplifying food supply chains and, at the same time, helping to improve farmers' welfare through accurate demand consistency and various trainings. Supported by global investors, EdenFarm now operates in 20 cities across Java and continues to expand the B2B market throughout the country.

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