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How to Get and Use EdenPoints, Enjoy Discounts Up to 50%!

By - EdenFarm |01 August, 2022

What is EdenPoint?

EdenPoint is a point that you can get for every finished transaction in the EdenFarm app. You can use EdenPoint to pay for your transaction in the app. 1 EdenPoint equals Rp1.

How to Get EdenPoint

You can get EdenPoint by doing these easy steps below.

Open your EdenFarm app.
Make a transaction of minimum Rp10,000.
You will get EdenPoint automatically once the transaction is finished.

How to use EdenPoint

How to use the EdenPoints that you have collected? See the steps below.

Open your EdenFarm app.
Choose the products you want to buy and add to cart.
Click the EdenPoint button in the payment page and the total of your order will be reduced automatically.

Keep making transactions in the EdenFarm app and collect your EdenPoints so you can use them to get discounts for up to 50% everyday!

EdenPoint Terms and Conditions

Every transaction of minimum Rp10,000 will get EdenPoint.
Delivery fee is not calculated for the points. For example, if your order is Rp10,000 with delivery fee Rp15,000, only Rp10,000 will be converted to points.
Valid for all payment methods.
Transactions that get EdenPoint are only finished transactions.
Transactions that use EdenPoint as a whole or partially will not get points.
If the point has decimal numbers, the total will be rounded down.
Points will be received by buyers in 3 x 24 hours maximum.
Points will be renewed every 12 months.
EdenPoint is only valid for these customers: Traditional Culinary, Wet Market, Horeca and Rekan Eden.

Haven’t downloaded the EdenFarm app yet? Download now on Play Store and App Store and register your business to enjoy EdenPoint and other benefits!

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